I work with my needles, threads and everything accumulated in the studio from past experiences, from my childhood in Istanbul and Switzerland and adult life in Iran and the U.S.. A personal vocabulary has developed, separate from my earlier histories with weaving and jewelry.

This website presents a new direction in textiles and mixed-media assemblages and looks forward to the further development of this new vocabulary.

Ani Afshar


I was born in Istanbul in 1946. In sixth grade I started boarding school in Switzerland. My high school years were at the International  School of Geneva, Switzerland where my family had a second home. In 1966 I came to Chicago where my former husband from Iran was going to university. We went back to Iran in 1973, returning to Chicago at the end of 1979 where I live now.

I have always navigated either physically or emotionally between these four cultures that have had an important influence on my life and my art.

Ani afshar

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