Exhibits:  Hyde Park Art Center, Evanston Art Center, Rezac Gallery

Holiday Sales Events – Christmas 1982 through 1986: Including 100 Pillows, 50 Necklaces, Table Runners, Baby Blankets and more.

Published: American Craft Magazine, Fiberarts Magazine

Collected by, among others:

  • Alice Adam, Mike Pado
  • Dorothy and Alan Press
  • Ruth Horowich
  • Brigitte Peterhans
  • Roger Ramsay
  • Denis Adrian, Richard Born
  • Lolli Thurm
  • Howard and Donna Stone

Was invited by the Gujrat Handicrafts Organisation in Ahmedabad India to conduct Jewelry development workshops in Ahmedabad and The Rabari comunity of Kutch.

Essay by Richard Born, Senior Curator, Smart Museum, University of Chicago. 1987
Essay by Rolf Achilles , Art Historian, Teacher School of Art Institute, Chicago. For Rezac Gallery Exhibit

A Persian Dream

Detail, a Persian dream

Lonely Tree

Spring Surprises

Summer Spread

My pyramid, 62″ x 54″

Rememberances and some sad notes #2 ,52″ x 54″

Cascade – 64in x 68in

Exhibit – Hyde Park Art Center 1986

Exhibit – Hyde Park Art Center 1986

Exhibit – Evanston Art Center – 1988

Exhibit – Evanston Art Center – 1988

Last holiday sale at Obatu, a gallery of Persian Kilims and textiles 1986